25 Best Zip Up Hoodies for Men to Buy 2021

2022-05-27 21:31:52 By : Mr. Rugge Pan

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Today’s zipper-front sweatshirts won’t make you look like an obnoxious tech bro—so long as you pick the right one.

The zip-up hoodie gets a bad rap. Close associations with a certain bumbling tech billionaire have turned the once innocuous style into fashion anathema, a far cry from the days of Steve Jobs and his enviable rotation of identical Issey Miyake mock necks. The zip-up, though, deserves your respect. Its merits are self-evident. And if the scores of (very good!) options available now are any indication, the industry's coming round to the idea, too. Which means today's zip-up sweatshirts often look as handsome as they feel soft—so long as you take the time to pick a grown-up version, and then style it with purpose.

There are a lot—and I mean a lot—of choices out there. Pick the wrong one and, yes, you're apt to look like the Zuck (and trust me, you really don't want to look like the Zuck). But pick the right one and the zip-up hoodie can prove transformative, instantly providing a dose of casual cool in the form of an easy on/off layer you can shed with impunity while your body futilely tries to reconcile its cozy internal temperature with the frigid weather outside.

Throw a slinky version on beneath a long, voluminous topcoat for a look that harnesses the tremendous power of an Olsen twin casually ripping a cigarette outside of an upscale sushi spot in Soho. Or layer a heavyweight, oversized hoodie under a blanket-lined chore coat in a winning cold-weather combination that'll keep you as toasty as your trustiest winter parka. (Just don't wear one with a suit jacket. Like, ever.)

With all that in mind, here are some of the best zip-up hoodies on the market today—none of which, it should be noted, will make you look like a dead-eyed internet magnate hellbent on upending the foundations of American democracy.

Let your favorite black hoodie take it easy in your closet, and wear this maroon style out for a couple of rounds instead.

When it's real chilly—like, real chilly—the fleece interior on this zip-up is a lifesaver.

The sweatshirt that deserves a spot in every man's rotation, no matter his style or the season.

Made in icy-cold Vancouver, so you know it's the real deal.

Further proof that there really is nothing as soft or as affordable as Uniqlo.

While you're at it, why not snag the matching hat, too?

A hefty 14 oz. fleece zip-up crafted in L.A. for decidedly East Coast conditions. 

A full-zip hoodie is always great. But a full-zip hoodie in an extremely pleasing shade of indigo? Now you're just flexing.

Turns out, micro-sanded french terry and a little bit of stretch make for a hoodie that remains, ahem, aces.

So called because it's meant to last for at least a decade, Flint and Tinder's 10-year hoodie features heavy-duty zippers, a double-lined hood, and reinforced seams that ensure its longevity. The best part? It's also ultra soft.

The exhaustively tested, expertly crafted zip-up from a DTC brand that specializes in sweats.

The only hoodie you'll need to soldier on through any early-morning runs this spring.

Meet the hoodie that will go with just about everything in your wardrobe.

Surprise, surprise: The smash-hit hoodie that inspired legions of devoted followers when it first dropped still holds up today.

BBC knows how to go big and bold. But for this hoodie, the design team pared it back to the absolute essentials, throwing a logo on the chest and cuff and keeping everything else clean. It works.

A waffle knit that is—and this has to be said—the cream of the crop.

If you're more of a merino guy, Good Man Brand has you covered.

Soft, washed supima perfection from a master of laid-back L.A. cool.

A favorite of guys like LeBron James, Les Tien makes substantial-but-seriously-soft sweats that feel like the perfect vintage find without all that thrift-store hunting (or waiting decades to create the effect yourself).

The new classic gray hoodie, courtesy of the architecturally minded team at A-Cold-Wall*.

Even when it comes to the humble sweatshirt, the reigning dark lord of men's fashion refuses to do anything but freak it.

A classic sleek hoodie style on the front, and an Off-White logo party on the back. Virgil Abloh fans, rejoice.

Yes, the modern-day master of shrunken suiting also happens to make a bestselling hoodie.

From the hefty cotton to the print of dunes and palm tress on the back, this Balmain hoodies packs the heat.