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2022-03-10 06:16:00 By : Ms. Eartha Zhu

Slipping on your favorite oversized sweatshirt is a simple pleasure that will never get old. The immediate comfort and coziness are unmatched, and if you've never sneakily tried on (or straight up stolen) a hoodie from a man in your life — your dad, brother, or partner — you're missing out. Men's clothing is undeniably more comfortable, and that's all you're looking for in a go-to sweatshirt.

Amazon shoppers have the right idea because tons of women are turning to the men's section of the retailer for its cozy essentials like this best-selling Hanes hoodie. Another iconic comfort-first brand that women are obsessing over on Amazon? Champion. Specifically, this classic crewneck that has over 10,000 five-star ratings and this Champion hoodie that's racked up a whopping 25,000 perfect ratings — many of which are from women — so far.

Buy It! Champion Powerblend Fleece Crew $18.39–$65; amazon.com

With a logo as instantly recognizable as the Nike swoosh, Champion has been making comfortable and affordable sportswear for decades. Sometimes less is more, and that's how Amazon shoppers feel about this basic crewneck. It's available in a wide variety of colors from neutrals to bold shades and customers rave about how soft and cozy it is, claiming they "live in it." One said, "You almost don't want to wear a shirt underneath because of how soft it is."

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Even celebrities are hopping on the Champion train — just last week, Hilary Duff posted a photo to Instagram wearing a unique version of the gray crewneck Champion sweatshirt which featured the C logo in black. More than 2,000 Amazon shoppers have given Duff's version their seal of approval with a perfect rating, too.

You know the saying — if it ain't broke, don't fix it — and that's exactly how we feel about Champion sweatshirts. They've been a longtime men's staple, but there's no reason why women shouldn't relish in their comfort and quality, too. Cropped sweatshirts are cute and all, but nothing compares to the pure bliss of snuggling into an oversized hoodie. Below, get your own Champion hoodie or sweatshirt on Amazon.

Buy It! Champion Pullover Eco Fleece Sweatshirt, $35.98–$43; amazon.com

Buy It! Champion Powerblend Fleece Hoodie C-Logo, $19.79–$65.45; amazon.com

Buy It! Champion Men's Reverse Weave Crew, $19.25–$122.69; amazon.com